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The Wednesday Writers are a small, independent writers' group based in the Pennine Town of Todmorden. Set up in 2007 to practice but never perfect the art and craft of writing, it's members cover a range of interests and talent from hobbyist to the professional. Everyone takes from the group whatever they want to bring to it. Some come for the technical discussion, others for the beer and chat.


During these unprecedented times of social isolation, we may have all the time in the world to write but it's even more important to keep up the social interaction. That is why we try to use technology to hold our meetings. Pints, poems, prose and plays at the ready ... webcams set to stun.  The Wednesdays may be alone but they won't be undone.

Who We Are


The Wednesday Writers are so called because we meet fortnightly on a Wednesday.  We are based in beautiful Todmorden in the Calder valley where the fresh Pennine air clears the creative pathways. 

The group writes tall tales and short stories, plays and poetry. Our members have been finalists and winners in local and national competitions and we work on a different challenge each time to help us all to keep developing as writers.


At the present moment we are at capacity but our numbers change regularly, so drop us an email and we'll get back to you. 


On first attendance please don't bring anything to read - just come along and listen. See if the group is right for you.

We are committed to developing as writers so if you decide to join us, we ask members to bring only new work to the meetings.


Our Writing

Every year we compile some of our best writing into an anthology - you can purchase these from the book store - but here are some snippets for you to enjoy.

"Charlie hides in his head. At home he gets up, eats his breakfast and goes to school, but here there are lots of other people that he dosn't know, so he hides in his head.  It's alright because his teacher Kenny is there and Alison, who is not his teacher but she is friends with Kenny so Charlie is friends with her too. Alison reminds Charlie that this is the Big Down Hill and he needs to use his left break to slow down.

At the bottom Charlie says that the Big Down Hill was 'mint' but now he wants to ride slowly.  The sun is shining through the breaks in the trees so Charlie and Alison are light, dark, light, dark.  Charlie starts to sing as he rides along the track.  On, Off, On, Off; the sunlights bursts on him like a camera flash.


just for today,

Charlie is a superstar."

"When we are made of iron

There will be no difference

Between land and sea

And our sightless eyes

will shed no tears

Over words never spoken

Secure in our indifference

We shall not consider the Moon

or fear the incoming tide

When we are made of iron."

"‘It’s no way to die.’ Tawila watched as the swarm took to the sky once more leaving only the weapons and equipment behind them.

‘You would have thought they’d have learned by now, those Carrion are unstoppable.’ Macromachus nodded and put his field glass back in its pocket. ‘Organise a party to pick up what’s left. See if we can figure out what they were trying to do.’

Tawila was still looking through his glass. ‘I think I might have the answer,’ he said.

Macromachus followed his gaze. The swarm was still together, gaining in size as it sped towards them.

‘I don’t think they were trying to protect themselves from the Carrion. I think they were removing the commands that protect us.’

Macromachus gauged the speed of the approaching swarm and then looked back at the open airlock some way behind them. He made the calculation.

‘Close Airlock One,’ he said. ‘Forever.'"

12 Years And Counting

The Wednesday Writers are over a decade old and what do we have to show for all those pints and paper? 

A hugely popular monthly Open Mic night in Todmorden.  Click here to find out more.

We've won competitions at local, national and even international level (well, hono[u]rable mention!)

10 books of collected short stories and poems available to buy at all good online bookshops under our Wednesday Writer name.

Guerilla Poetry appearing in shop windows around town? That was us! Read our poems about  Calderdale and Books for the businesses of Todmorden here


Guerilla Poetry

From time to time we've taken it upon ourselves to plaster our little town with poems. We find shops and businesses are generally happy to put them up in their windows and folk are happy enough to read them. Here are a selection we wrote about the impact books have had on us, they were written for the Todmorden Book Festival in 2018.


The writing challenge for this fortnight is:

'Bygone Days'

Members are asked to write a poem, story, play or whatever you feel like writing for the next meeting.


There is no word limit. However, a max of 1500 words will be imposed within the meeting for purposes of time. 

A Play and A Pint Competition

We are proud to announce our new competition. In association with the Todmorden Book Festival 2020 we'll be administering and shortlisting the entries for this 5-minute play writing competion. 

All details can be found on the competition page of our website

You can purchase all our anthologies  from Amazon.  Click here to go to the book store.

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